Thankful. That’s the word for November. In today’s world, I think we can all be thankful for health, home and safety.

In this edition, readers will find our annual Philanthropy Season Preview. This special section provides information and contacts for organizations in our area dedicated to assisting our community.

Locally, there are staggering unmet needs for children and families, seniors and animals. Art and science, historic preservation, and our endangered environment are also in need of financial assistance. Organizations that promote health and wellness are critical and worthy of your support.

Many of the groups you’ll read about inside this paper will be familiar since they’ve been supporting our community for years. A few are new. With your financial help, all are well-positioned to reach the members of our community most in need in the coming year.

As I consider my own end-of-year giving, I’m drawn to situations outside of my daily scope of knowledge: children who need comfort at a crime scene, seniors without means to buy groceries, families living in cars because they can no longer afford rent. And to the groups that simply provide joy to people with little, through literacy, music, clean laundry or visits with furry friends.

Helping just one person improves our entire community.

At The Coastal Star, our hope is you will also consider this newspaper an essential member of the community. We, too, could use your financial support.

Although the paper provides more than municipal reporting, what sets us apart from other publications in our coastal area is a steadfast focus on spotlighting the decisions made by our local officials: good, bad and messy. Professional reporting doesn’t come cheap.

All donations will help pay for stories we’re working on right now and hoping to pursue in the coming year.

As part of your year-end giving, we hope you will consider a donation to The Coastal Star. Like a donation to the other local organizations featured in this month’s Philanthropy Season Preview, your support helps to make our community healthier, safer and more secure.

Please give.

Mail your contribution to The Coastal Star, 5114 N. Ocean Blvd., Ocean Ridge, FL 33435.

Or donate online at

Donations made online to The Florida Press Foundation benefit The Coastal Star Community News Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fund. They are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law and are subject to a 5.5% administration and processing fee.

Contributions made directly to The Coastal Star have no processing fee and are not tax deductible.

— Mary Kate Leming, Editor

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